Get ready for the . . . . Lunar and Solar Eclipses in July 2018

A powerful Supermoon/Partial Solar Eclipse is taking place at 20° ♋ 41′ Cancer occurring on 07/12/18 at 10:48pm EDT  in Cancer*

The Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible from very few locations on land. People in some parts of southern Australia, will see a very small fraction of the eclipse. A majority of this partial eclipse of the Sun will take place over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The eclipse can also be seen from a very small part of northern Antarctica.
However, in New Hampshire, USA it will not be visible.
Important Note: NEVER look at the sun during any type of solar eclipse! Looking at the sun is dangerous and can damage your eyes.


Total Lunar Eclipse is taking place at 4° ♒ 45′ Aquarius occurring on 07/27/18 at 04:20pm EDT  in Aquarius

Our second Total Lunar Eclipse of 2018 will take place on 07/27/18 at 4:20pm EDT. The moon correlated with eclipse is also known as a ‘Micro-Moon’. It will be visible in large parts of Australia,  Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. and will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.
However, in New Hampshire, USA it will not be visible.
 The Full ‘Buck’ Micro Moon  4°♒  45′  Aquarius July 27, 2018   4:20pm EDT


A powerful New “Supermoon’ ?︎ Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo 18° ♌ 42′ August 11, 2018   5:58am ED

However, in New Hampshire, USA it will not be visible.



Eclipses of 2018

Type of Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse
11° Leo  37′
8:27am EST
Partial Solar Eclipse
27° Aquarius  08′
4:05pm EST
Partial Solar Eclipse
20° Cancer 41′
10:48pm EDT
Total Lunar Eclipse
4° Aquarius  45′
4:20pm EDT
Partial Solar Eclipse
18° Leo  42′
5:58pm EDT

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