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The stillness of your sea of tranquility quietly changes into a dazzling display of brilliant color. The cosmic dark of your dim cocoon transforms into vivid waves of luminescence. Majestic luminous rays explode into pure life energy. There is bang! With a huge jolt, you accelerate into your unique cosmic corridor, charting the details of your unique soul imprint as you hurtle forward. Your relationship to your soul’s fingerprint is etched onto your life canvas. Your life force has begun!
Your sensitivities heightened to an unseen level in your new and different world, you begin your own unique journey. A spectacular inner radiance envelops you like a warm blanket. Rose petals flutter to greet the new found luminescence as you embark on your cosmic journey. Your relationship to astrology, to your journey, and to your cosmic path, begins here!
Your Natal Chart is interpreted from the exact moment of your birth. Your fundamental birth chart (or Natal Chart Interpretation) will portray an astrological graphic interpretation of the inner and outer you, based on the planetary positions at the precise time of your birth, your birth date, and place of birth. The basic Natal Report Interpretation offers unique insight to the inner you while exploring individual areas of your unique astrological identity as it relates to the planets, the Sun, the Moon.
Your Solar Return will touch upon the essence of your possible Solar path, potentials, hopes, and possibilities for the coming year, keeping in mind, you have “Free Will” to change any part of a possible path your Solar Return Chart provides.
Your Solar Return Chart is a transient astrological interpretation, calculated for the precise moment when the Sun makes its yearly return to its natal degree in your chart, to the position it was in at the exact time of your birth,  and often will reflect a potential imprint of your astrological path for your year ahead.
Astrological Transits are one of the main methods used in astrology to forecast future trends and developments. Astrological transits involve a process of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they journey through the horoscope and interpreted when the Natal Chart of a particular individual is completed.  Particular attention is paid to changes of sign or house and to the aspects(angles) the transiting planets make with the natal chart in their current  position as they make aspects to a planet in your Natal Chart.[1] Transiting planets often represent incoming influences and events that your natal planets will be asked to handle, while the nature of the transiting planet describes the types of situations that will arise. Opportunities for growth and change will often present themselves when a planet transits through a house or aspects a planet in your chart.[2]
Do you have an internal desire to explore the inner you? Do you desire to delve into the outer realms of your astrological destiny? Who are you? How will astrology describe the relationship of the planets, the sun, and the moon, as they relate to you and the prevailing energies in your life? What is your astrological fingerprint? What can your own unique astrology chart reveal about you? How can the experience of your own astrological natal interpretation evoke positive motivations in your life? How can astrology illuminate your own cosmic journey?
Empowered with the energy of your unique astrological imprint, your astrological Natal Chart consultation will be completed by telephone communication, or Skype.
Includes an in -depth consultation of the details in your Natal Chart and Two Prints of your Natal Chart on quality photo paper suitable for framing or for keeping as a beautiful graphic memory of your astrological path. Please allow several weeks to a month padding to prepare this consultation.
Please populate your accurate birth data that includes your exact time of birth, city/town of birth, state, country of birth for accurate interpretation of your Natal Chart Consultation as well as a contact telephone.
Natal Chart Includes  1-1/2 Hour Consultation + Chart Prints
*Please note: Your Total Purchase($139.34) will include the mandatory PayPal processing fee
Natal Chart or Solar Return Consultations include two copies of your chart on quality photo paper, suitable for framing. and a Full Consultation
Solar Return Includes  1-1/2 Hour Consultation + Chart Prints
*Please note: Your Total Purchase($149.64)will include the mandatory PayPal processing fee
Natal Chart or Solar Return Consultations include two copies of your chart on quality photo paper, suitable for framing. and a Full Consultation
*Important: Will need adequate padding time of at least two week(2 weeks) to prepare your Natal Chart or two-three(2-3) weeks for your Solar Return consultation.
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[2] Ciampi,Pam & Shawan, Jim, Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, 2017

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