Current Retrogrades Planets, Key Asteroids

 Planets Currently in Retrograde [℞] and Back to Direct [D] Motion Date

•Jupiter ♃ (D) Direct in Taurus♉ 12/30/23 9:40p EST
•Mercury ☿ (D) Direct in Sagittarius♐1/1/24 10:08p EST
•Uranus ♅ Direct (D) in Taurus♉1/27/24 2:35a EST p
•Mercury ☿ Enters Pre-Shadow in Aries ♈ on 3/18/24 prior to stationing Retrograde(℞) on 4/1/2024
•Mercury ☿ (℞) Retrograde in Aries♈4/1/24 6:14p EDT and will station Direct again on 4/25/24
•Mercury ☿ (D) Direct in Aries♈4/25/24 8:54a EDT
•Pluto ♇ (℞) Retrograde in Aquarius♒5/2/24 1:46p EDT

Nodal Axis

N Node ☊ ℞ Aries♈ *True Node
S Node ☋ ℞ Libra♎

Key Asteroids, Centaurs, Dwarf Planets Currently in Retrograde [℞] or Direct [D] Motion 
Ceres  Pallas  Juno   Vesta  Chiron  Eris

•Chiron Direct[D] in Aries♈ 12/26/23 10:10p EST
•Eris Direct[D] in Aries♈ 7/22/23
•JunoRetrograde(℞) in Virgo♍ 1/13/2024
•Vesta ⚶(D)in Gemini♊ 2/8/2024
•Sedna(D)in Taurus♉ 2/11/2024
•PallasRetrograde(℞) in  in Sagittarius 3/29/2024
•JunoDirect(D) in Virgo♍ 4/21/2024





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