Astrology 101: Voyage To the Foundation of a Natal Chart


02/20/2023 - 04/10/2023    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Astrology 101: Voyage To the Foundation of a Natal Chart

The Journey Beyond Your Sun Sign

Future Workshop Dates: 2/20/2023– 4/10/2023, 8 weekly sessions, Mondays 1:00p – 3:00p EST

So very excited to be able to present this 8-week series, Online, via Zoom exploring the Natal Chart. Interested in joining an 8-week Zoom workshop step building series, coming in eight sessions via Zoom starting in February 2023, Astrology 101: Voyage To the Foundation of a Natal Chart, in a gentle, supportive 8-week progression series, meeting once weekly on Monday afternoons, 1p – 3:00p EST.

The workshop will consist of an 8-week, once weekly delve into the Natal Chart[Western astrology] at a foundational level, in a gradual building block progression, including a PowerPoint Slide presentation.  The foundational course will review the basic elements of a Natal Chart at a very basic level.

Inspired? Interested in astrology? In this workshop, once weekly over an 8 week period, you will explore the elemental  basic steps to the Natal Chart[Western astrology]. The developmental focus is to become more familiar with your Natal chart, the building blocks of your Natal Chart e.g. Sun, Moon, Ascendant-Descendant, Midheaven,(MC), Immun Coeli(IC), Planets, Zodiac signs, Houses, Stelliums, Elemental Balance-Fire ,Earth, Air, Water, Dominating Modalities in the Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal expression of the energy imprint dividing the signs, Polarities- Masculine, Feminine, Planetary & Zodiac Glyphs, Astrological Symbols & Glyphs, Type of Chart Pattern or Shape, and with an explorative journey into the structure of your own Natal birth chart as a whole in a relaxing, judgement-free environment.

We will also review Hemispheres, Moon Phases, Lunar Nodes, and Aspects & Transits, in an abbreviated manner as time allows, only to familiarize you with a progressive astrological journey, and finally will include a brief synopsis of the history and ages of astrology.

You will receive a working copy of your Natal Birth Chart for use during this event. In order to have your chart available, please register – for this event emailing your accurate birth information to me privately. You will be asked to provide your precise time of birth, birth date, and place of birth; all personal information will be kept confidential. you will receive a working copy of your Natal Birth Chart for use during this event

Most suitable for New and Beginner Levels*

Starting February 20, 2023 – April 10, 2023 on Monday afternoons 1:00p-3:00p EST.

Eight(8) Sessions(See Several Payment Options available)

Senior discount 5% – One Full Payment Option) with a 5% Discount

Mondays, 1:00p – 3:00p EST

Payment Options
  • $370.00 To Register & Pay in Full for all 8 Sessions (One Payment). Payment will include Mandatory Paypal Fee
  • Option to pay in four(4) equal installments (92.50 each payment) available, installment due biweekly prior to class. Installment will include mandatory Paypal Fee
  • Senior Discount 5% – This option is for those wishing to take advantage of a senior discount(65+). Discounted Total Price paid will include Mandatory Paypal Fee
  • Payment by Credit Card Option Available – Payment via Square available upon request*
  • Zoom link sent on confirmation of payment/registration, please include email address and birth data sent privately to my email to get a copy of your working chart.
  • Email:
  • Questions? Please reach out with a DM or email
  • No Refunds in whole or in part once series is in progress or unless requested within a time period of 7 days prior to start of workshop.
  • Please speak with me directly in the case of an unexpected, unforeseen or extraordinary event taking place that may preclude you from attending.

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