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Date(s) - 03/28/2021
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


This is the first of an online two-part,  Sunday workshop initially offered to my students in 2019 prior to my unfortunate wrist injury.  So delighted to be able to offer it again in two Sunday sessions,  as , my wrist is now healed, and now able to manipulate Zoom again!
Savor the Subtle: Spirit in References, Signs, and Symbols.
  • Two online sessions: Sunday 3/28/21, Sunday 4/11/21 via Zoom Platform 11a – 2p EDT
  • Learn to recognize, acknowledge, and interpret the subtle voice of Spirit, taking notice of any references, signs or symbols that may come to you in a reading, as well as to assist in developing your personal dictionary.
  • $24.99 per session – To register for both sessions,scroll down
  • Savor the Subtle voice of Spirit, in References, Symbols, and Signs.
  • Ask yourself “what does that symbol mean to me”? Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Knowing, Tasting, Smelling outside of the physical; seeing with the mind’s eye.
  • What is a Reference? What is a sign? What is a symbol?
  • “Sometimes the signs appear to comfort us in times of sadness and deep grief and in other circumstances, they are guideposts, or traffic lights to direct us along our life path. Either way, it is our divine right to accept the gifts from Spirit”. Quote from Signs From the Afterlife, Lyn Ragan, p2, (Introduction)
  • Symbols will play an important role in your work as a psychic or medium and will evolve and grow with time.
  • Our challenge, is interpreting them in the right way.
  • With symbols it is vitally important to remember your own experiences.
  • When you are presented with a symbol in a message, you will automatically associate it with something specific.
  • If it’s subtle, it’s Spirit. Subtly, ‘Spirit Speaks’
  • Zoom link will be sent after payment is received.
  • Please be certain your email is noted in comments, so that Zoom link can be sent.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Savor the Subtle- Spirit in References, Signs, and Symbols - 3/28/21
Part I $24.99 + Paypal Processing Fee = $26.01
Savor the Subtle-Spirit in References, Signs, and Symbols - 4/11/21
Part II $24.99 + Paypal Processing Fee = $26.01


Insightful and compassionate

“Insightful and compassionate: Sheila merges her extraordinary intuition & clairsentient empathy with an extensive background of metaphysical knowledge to provide thorough and accurate psychic readings. Sheila communicates messages from the Spirit world with sensitivity, kindness and integrity. Whether Tarot, Astrology or Mediumship, we found readings from Sheila to be rewarding and truly helpful and healing”

~ Shaun W. & Stacie B.

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