Qualities and Elements of Current Planetary Positions

Planet, Zodiac Sign, Quality & Element

Planet  Zodiac  Sign Quality & Element
Sun Libra♎ Cardinal Air
Moon Aries♈to Taurus♉ Fixed Earth
Mercury Virgo♍ Mutable Earth
Venus Leo♌ Fixed Fire
Mars Libra♎ Cardinal Air
Jupiter Taurus♉ Fixed Earth
Saturn Pisces♓ Mutable Water
Uranus Taurus♉ Fixed Earth
Neptune Pisces♓ Mutable Water
Pluto Capricorn♑ Cardinal Earth

Key Asteroids, Centaurs, Nodes
Ceres  Pallas  Juno   Vesta  Chiron  Eris

N Node☊(℞) Aries♈ Cardinal Fire
S Node☋(℞) Libra♎ Cardinal Air
•Chiron ⚷(℞) Aries♈ Cardinal Fire
•Ceres⚳ Scorpio♏ Fixed Water
•Juno ⚵ Leo♌ Fixed Fire
•Pallas⚴ Libra♎ Cardinal Air
•Vesta ⚶ Cancer♋ Cardinal Water
•Eris (℞)  Aries♈ Cardinal Fire















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