Distinguishing Your Psychic Sense and Its Chakra Association

What Is Clairvoyance – is clear seeing inner visual images where psychic messages are received through images, pictures symbols, and colors; seeing with your Third Eye. Indigo in color and is associated with the Third Eye Chakra(Brow chakra).
What Is Clairsentience – is a clear feeling or clear sensing. It is an inner sense of feeling, easy to develop and easy to access, and often referred to as gut feeling; empathic. Associated with the Sacral, orange color) and Heart Chakra(Rose Pink Color Thymus and Heart Bright Green Color).
What Is Clairaudience -inner sense of hearing; ability to hear names, dates, certain sayings, songs, melodies; accessed through throat chakra; This psychic sense of hearing is often used by mediums but harder to develop, and is accessed through the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is Light Blue in color.
                   ◦ Throat Chakra is the psychic home of three psychic senses: clairaudience(“clear hearing”), clairscent or clairailience(“clear smelling”), and clairgustance                                    (“clear tasting”) abilities
                   ◦  Housing three psychic senses makes the throat chakra the main psychic center in the physical body.
What Is Clairailience–is the powerful secondary psychic sense of clear smelling, harder to develop, but can be developed to help progress your mediumship muscle. If you do wish to develop this secondary sense, begin to develop an awareness of what you are smelling at any given moment. Pay attention while in meditation to any smells or tastes you get. Smelling things that have no physical source can be an indication that a deceased loved one is with you. Pay attention while in meditation to any smells you get. Associated with the Throat Chakra.
                      ◦  Will help to develop clairailience if you have an awareness of what you are smelling at any given moment. It is important to pay attention to any smells you are                            receiving, while in meditation.
What Is Clairgustance – is the other influential secondary psychic sense of clear tasting, which is being aware of a taste without physically putting it in the mouth. You are perceiving the essence of a taste from the spiritual realm linked to the loved one on the other side. Tiger eye can help to develop clairgustance abilities; chrysanthemum stone stone – put under your chin to aid in clairgustance ability. Associated with the Throat Chakra and linked to your Root Chakra(Red in color).
What Is Claircognizance– is the psychic sense of clear knowing and strongly represents that feeling of ‘you just KNOW it, no one tells you this, you just KNOW it!” For claircognizants, their higher self or spirit guides put information (in the form of thought) into their mind. It can be a whole download of information, that is ‘downloaded’ into the mind or can be smaller insights about people and situations here and there or an inspiration. Claircognizance is associated with other premonitionary skills, such as animal communication. Linked with the Crown chakra, can be a purple, white, gold or silver, color and also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra(Yellow in color).


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