Ribbons Rising: A Renaissance Unfolding
Learn to Read Ribbons
•Workshop is via Zoom, Paid Event, 7/25/21, 10a – 2:30p
•Interested in learning to read ribbons? Yes, ribbons! Learning this time-honored skill was a result of one of my many visits to the U.K. many years ago, and as a result, I still enjoy using them to this day, and very excited to teach this workshop on this time-honored tradition.
•A time-honored, age-old art, Ribbon Reading is a time-honored psychic skill thought to have originated within the Celtic community, as well as an integral part of the Romany gypsy community as a way of connecting with people as they traveled from place to place.
•Each ribbon is free flowing, and allows your intuition to release thoughts & images coming into your mind as inner knowing, inspirations, or memories connecting us to our soul self.
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