Our ‘Visions of Unity, Soul Speaks’ Polish You Spiritual Gifts Practice Circle’
Facilitator: Sheila Clark
Where: 113 Dudley Hill Road, Pembroke, NH 03275 Easy Access in Pembroke, NH
Date: Monday, 03/25/19
Time: 11am-1pm
In response to your requests for an additional evening to practice, we are embracing practice time supplemental to our “mediumship development group” already in place.
Looking forward to quality time spent in the enlightening and comforting power of Spirit.
Cost will be an energy exchange donation of $17.00, (an energy exchange and to help maintain the space).
We will open with a brief inspirational Meditation, invocation, and music to help raise our vibration to Spirit, and thereafter practice in a variety of presentation formats including Spirit Messages in circle and Platform/Gallery format for the remainder of the time.
This is an additional pure practice group to have an opportunity to practice and polish our Spiritual Gifts, with your peers and employ the amazing power of Spirit to practice your gifts is a safe, judgement-free environment. and will differ from our ongoing mediumship development circle.


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