“Visions of Unity, Unfolding Your Blossoming Soul” with Sheila Clark is about embracing your Intuitive,Medium, Psychic, & Soul. As promised, it will include 7 weeks of unfoldment Sessions with Sheila Clark in our lovely new space in Concord,NH. Everyone welcome! Choose to attend any number of sessions, or all seven.

Session dates will include seven Mondays, 6:30p – 9p








This group will focus on continuing unfoldment in the evolution of your Spiritual gift(s) and is based on the concept of Evidential/Mental Mediumship, where you will always experience an enlightening Sitting in the Power, meditation, benefit from the experience of interactive participation while using exercise(s), to learn to trust the clarity of your own innate abilities, and learn how to trust that clarity to bring through evidence of a DLO’s survival on Earth, beyond physical death, as well as actively practicing and participating in the varied styles of Spirit message presentation.

The group development is designed to help you to build confidence, trust and expand your rapport with those in Soul & Spirit, by specific, focus interactive exercise(s), emphasizing linking, enhanced evidence, and additional practice and protocol in the varied styles of Spirit message presentation, as well as Soul & Psychic exploration.

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