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Tarot Divinations

I am honored and delighted to to bring forth, a premier interpretation from the respected and history-laden Tarot.  I will endeavor to bring a new-found awareness to your reading by offering you a possible path,  as intuitively interpreted by this historical and respected divination.
One of my first divination “loves” . . . . my ‘heart-fond’ relationship with the Tarot began many years ago. My own background with interpreting the Tarot is extensive and has expanded many years of Tarot divination, ever-growing and ever-expanding each time my very worn deck is taken from its velvet bag, to explore the possibilities of a client’s potential path.
These premier divinations will only be done by appointment via telephone communication, or Zoom.

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Available Tarot Choices:

NEW Tarot 5-card Center Your Attention Focus Area Reading
Two choices

Tarot Intuitive Card Reading-1/2 hour General Reading

Tarot Intuitive *Follow Up Card Reading • 6 cards • 25 minutes

NEW Tarot Solstice Card Reading

Tarot Intuitive 12 card Reading into Year 2023

Mediumship & Psychic Potential Contact•Flex 30 minutes

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Should you need additional information please email me at: luminscorpiorose@aol.com


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