She is truly an intuitive and gifted instructor
March 7, 2017

“I’m attending Sheila’s mediumship developmental circle. I was excited but hesitant because I have no prior mediumship experience. Sheila made the process of learning so much easier than I would have expected it to be. After only a couple classes I gained the confidence to give a friend a reading with surprising accuracy. She is truly an intuitive and gifted instructor! Sheila’s mediumship training circle is a wonderful safe place to practice and improve your intuitive skills. I’m really grateful for Sheila’s willingness to share her knowledge with everyone. She enjoys watching the group learn and grow! If you are interested in developing your skills and expanding your knowledge I would highly recommend this developmental circle.”


Insightful and compassionate

“Insightful and compassionate: Sheila merges her extraordinary intuition & clairsentient empathy with an extensive background of metaphysical knowledge to provide thorough and accurate psychic readings. Sheila communicates messages from the Spirit world with sensitivity, kindness and integrity. Whether Tarot, Astrology or Mediumship, we found readings from Sheila to be rewarding and truly helpful and healing”

~ Shaun W. & Stacie B.

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