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Aura Vibes ~ Saturday, 1/28/23,11a -2p EST via Zoom

Would love to have join us as we embark on an expedition to explore the 7 Core Layers of the Aura on Saturday, 1/28/23.

The Aura is the etheric energy system around the body, and all things, is constantly changing and in motion. It is a significant core of our intuition, psychic development and mediumship.

In this workshop we will explore the Seven Layers of the Aura,  and overview their unique correlation to the Chakras. We will learn to See, Feel, Expand, Shrink, Push and Pull the Aura, as well as immerse in an enlightening experience of a beautiful Aura meditation to help us visualize and  explore the 7 Layers of the Aura.

Interactive Exercise: We will gradually build and enhance our knowledge of the Aura through various specific strengthening interactive exercises and practice, designed and incorporated into the workshop to clarify our ability to see, feel, sense, and build our knowledge of this amazing etheric energy system around our own body, and all things.


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