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Comfort from the Heart and Soul of Spirit, as  “Love Continues,  With A Loving Embrace From Beyond the Veil”

Bathe in the illuminating comfort of a loving message from a Loved One who has crossed over.

Have you ever wondered if your loved ones are O.K. on the other side? Are they around you? Who are they with? What do they do in the Spirit World? Who was there to receive them?

As an Evidential Medium, I will be your vessel of communication, as I connect with your Loved One, bring forth evidence of your Loved One’s survival on the Earthly plane that may be validated by you, that it is indeed your Loved One in Spirit, and will further bring through a heartfelt and comforting message from your Loved One who has crossed over into the Spirit World, as they lovingly make themselves known.

I will bring forth evidence of the soul’s survival and of its continuity beyond physical death, prove how the personality and memory lives on beyond that of physical death, and convey messages of love and comfort to you, who remain in the physical world.

My personal intention is to link with a Loved One in the Spirit World, and to bring through evidence of survival of your transitioned Loved One beyond physical death, and to “prove”, through evidence the existence of your Loved One’s survival on the Earthly plane that may be further validated by you, and commune the comfort of a heartfelt message that will prove that love continues Beyond the Veil.

“The main purpose of a Medium is to prove the continuity of the Soul after physical death and in doing so, to  offer some degree of comfort to the bereaved”

“Based on the Spiritual concept of Evidential/Mental Mediumship

*Important – Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee making a connection to a specific person, however,  if it is for best and highest good of all, and your Loved One is available, then there will be communication.

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