She dazzles, she is magical, and she mystifies those who see her fully bejeweled, in her ceremonial dress! She dresses in her best finery to mystify and mesmerize her spectators, just as she has done for thousands of years, once every 29 or 30 days into the Lunar Cycle.  She dazzles and captivates her audience as she dances and waxes towards her dazzling display of illumination to brighten the darkness of a night sky. Bedecked in brilliant hues of white lace and bridal satin she pauses once again, to take her place on the edge of the horizon, where she will reign again, to enchant and mystify those who see her.
She passes through each zodiac sign in approximately every 2 ¼ – 2 ½ days and is Earth’s only natural satellite.
She is “mother”;  she represents the infinite feminine energy;  she rules our instincts, our emotions, our feelings, our intuition; our childhood;  our subconscious. She is . . . . The Moon.
When she has waxed to her maximum illumination and at 100% Full, the Full Moon phase symbolizes completion. Her brilliant display will lie in repose,  waiting again to be activated when the Sun and Moon are again  set to oppose each other in the darkness of the night sky, and she builds once again to the completeness and mesmerizing energy of  the Full Moon.

Full Moons For 2019

Full Cold Moon
06° ♋  49′ Cancer
12:49pm EST
Full Wolf Moon
0° ♌  52′ Leo
12:16am EST
Total Lunar Eclipse
Full Snow Moon
0° ♍  42′ Virgo
10:54am EST
Full Worm Moon
0° ♎  09′ Libra
09:43pm EDT
Full Pink Moon
29° ♎ 07′ Libra
07:12am EDT
Full Flower Moon
27° ♏ 39′ Scorpio
05:11pm EDT
Full Strawberry Moon
25°  ♐ 53′ Sagittarius
04:31am EDT
Full Buck Moon
25°  ♑ 53′ Capricorn
05:38pm EDT
Partial Lunar Eclipse
Full Sturgeon Moon
22°  ♒ 24′ Aquarius
08:29am EDT
Full Harvest Moon
21°  ♓  05′ Pisces
12:33am EDT
Full Hunter’s Moon
20°  ♈  14′ Aries
05:08pm EDT
Full Beaver Moon
19°  ♉  52′ Taurus
08:34am EST
Full Cold Moon
19°  ♊  52′ Gemini
12:12am EST

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