Eclipses Events

Get ready for the . . . . Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2023
First eclipse of 2023, a  Total Solar Eclipse will occur
at 29°♈50′ Aries, 4/20/2023 12:13pm EDT

*This Lunar Eclipse will be not be visible in U.S. however, it will be visible in Australia, Parts of Asia, Pacific, Indian Oceans, and Antarctica

Eclipses 2023
Date Type of Eclipse Sign Time
4/20/23 Solar Eclipse Total 29°♈50′ 12:13am EDT
5/5/23 Lunar Eclipse Penumbral 14°♏ 58′ 1:34pm EDT
10/14/23 Solar Eclipse Annular 21° ♎ 08′ 1:55pm EDT
10/28/23 Lunar Eclipse Partial 5°♉09′ 4:24pm EDT

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