Angel Gypsy Card Readings

NOW OFFERING A Two Focus Reading at $75.00 
•Two Focus Questions or Focus Areas • 1 Hour

Angel Gypsy Card Reading
An Angel Gypsy Card Reading complete, powerful and profound


“Sensitive, profound and Extraordinary”
Empowered with and energy all their own, readings are “based on authentic gypsy teachings of the nineteenth-century Russia”.
These unique readings will only be done by pre-arrangement telephone communication, or Skype as reading interpretation takes an exorbitant  amount of time, to complete.
*Important: Will need adequate padding time of at least a week(7 days) to prepare your reading.

Now Offering a look into One or Two Focus Areas or Questions 
Angel Gypsy Card Reading
$75.00   for an insightful reading.

•Total will include the mandatory Paypal Fee
•These profound  divinations will only be done by appointment via telephone communication, or Zoom, and will need need adequate padding time of at least a week(7 days) to prepare your reading.

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*Pay by Paypal online  or Credit Card Payment by Square
*Please note: A mandatory PayPal or Square processing fee will be included in the total for your purchase.
*Should you need additional information please email me at: populating your topic on the subject line to avoid spam potential
  • Also note, that in reverence to the custom and historical tradition of these card readings,  no readings will be done on  Sunday
  • Please fill out the form for your reading and be sure to include your e-mail and telephone number for your feedback
  • For more more information on the unique and sensitive Angel Gypsy Card Reading















[1]Please note:
Interpretations based on the creative intent of these awesome cards, and enlightened by my own intuition, by Svetlana Alexandrovna TouchkoffWith all and special credit, gratitude and acknowledgement be given to their creator: Svetlana Touchkoff,/Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards/
[2]Images credit:

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