Dwelling & Space Clearing 101- Harmony of Spiritual Housekeeping

Learn the basics of Dwelling and Space Clearing in a virtual environment Via Zoom. Although not necessarily a practice for everyone, House & Space cleansing practice is an important feature of our Paranormal endeavors and nonetheless, very significant to Spiritual Hygiene in maintaining a harmonizing effect in your everyday environment.

Tuesday, 4/2/2024 6p – 9p EDT Virtual Format Via Zoom
NEW for 2024

It is important to know the foundations of Spiritual Hygiene in House & Space Clearing for dwelling & personal space in restoring a space to harmony. This class will include many categorical areas important to House & Space Clearing, including Residual energy, Spirit phenomena, Ley Lines, Emotional phenomena and more, to help to restore a home or space to harmony and balance.

What is the Energy Manifesting?

Energy – cold spots, unexplainable noises,  knocks, feeling of being watched, uncomfortable, being touched by something unseen, orbs in videos, seeing movement shadow in your peripheral vision, items moved or misplaced constantly, rain water conductor of energy, expands, moisture in air near water, high level of humidity,

  1. Residual energy, emotional imprints
  2. Spirit Phenomena, Presence
  3. Land Haunting
  4. Portal
  5. Ley Lines
  6. Haunting-people, places, empty land

•Moving into a new home, or is a new person moving into your home/space?

•Tragedy, traumatic emotional events in the home/space?

•Paranormal activity in the home/space?

What incidents or events suggests a Cleansing, Clearing is Needed?
When should a Spiritual cleansing happen? Why Cleanse & Clear?
What Signs, Symptoms, Experiences, Events, Occurrences present and experienced that suggest a clearing is needed?
Protocol for a Spiritual cleansing?

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Only 8 spaces available for a small, friendly class environment

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  • Questions? Please reach out with a DM or email luminscorpiorose@aol.com
  • No Refunds in whole or in part once class is in progress or unless requested within a time period of 7 days prior to start of workshop.
  • Please speak with me directly in the case of an unexpected, unforeseen or extraordinary event taking place that may preclude you from attending.

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