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Date(s) - 04/17/2017
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Southern New Hampshire Reiki Center


NEW MORNING GROUP  – 10:30am – 1:00pm

*This additional morning group is the same as the evening group, “Hearts Speak Through the Veil, Spirit Unfolding” for those wishing to develop their Psychic (‘clair senses’) Senses & NEW to Mental Mediumship Development, and facilitation will be started on a trial basis, based on active interest.


“Based on the Spiritual concept of Evidential/Mental Mediumship”

Our Morning Group of “Hearts Speak Through the Veil, Spirit Unfolding” is ongoing, foundational and intended for those who are NEW TO developing their Psychic (‘clair senses’) Senses & NEW to Mental Mediumship Development.

Exploring and utilizing your secondary psychic sense of Clairailience & Integrating Beginning Gallery 04/17/17

Unfolding Spirit is dedicated to helping you to develop your radiant Spiritual gift(s), and is based on the concept of Evidential/Mental Mediumship. In our trusted setting you will always experience an enlightening meditation, enhance your awareness with the experience of interactive exercise(s), learn to trust the presence and clarity of your own psychic senses, and learn how to trust that clarity to bring through evidence of a DLO’s survival on Earth, beyond physical death, as well as a developmental introduction to the beautiful graces of Spirit message presentation.

The primary focus of our Spirit Unfolding  NEW To Psychic Senses & Mental Mediumship group is designed to stir your natural gifts,  to develop and stimulate your psychic  senses(“clairs”), and to develop communication with the language of Spirit by reaching outside the limits of your comfort zone. Development is designed for those BRAND NEW to developing their psychic senses and building a foundation to basic mental mediumship.


Bookings are closed for this event.


Insightful and compassionate

“Insightful and compassionate: Sheila merges her extraordinary intuition & clairsentient empathy with an extensive background of metaphysical knowledge to provide thorough and accurate psychic readings. Sheila communicates messages from the Spirit world with sensitivity, kindness and integrity. Whether Tarot, Astrology or Mediumship, we found readings from Sheila to be rewarding and truly helpful and healing”

~ Shaun W. & Stacie B.

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