Magical Pendulum Whisperer, Mystical Dowsing Rods: The Workshop


11:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Magical Pendulum Whisperer, Mystical Dowsing Rods: The Workshop

3/12/22  11a-3p EST

In this paid, Zoom workshop we will learn some of the basic skills in working with and understanding the energy of your Pendulum and your Dowsing Rods

The pendulum and the dowsing rods are simple, but diverse tools that can be used in a variety of positive applications, their applications many, and usages varied

  • Dowsing the elements
  • Dowsing Spirit
  • Dowsing in paranormal work
  • Dowsing for health
    • Balancing the chakras
  • Dowsing in home and garden
    • Dowsing your existing home
    • Looking for suppliers, builders, or other professionals, dowse through the phone book, business cards, brochures
  • Dowsing in everyday life decision- making
    • as a second opinion
    • choosing a holiday choosing between different pieces of crystals, choosing another home, new outfit, choosing the right college or university, to do or not to do choices, changes in career, if a car is right for you, paranormal work

These are popular tools that can be used in dowsing and to help with our daily life choices as a second opinion once tuned to its owner’s energy..

Trusting you have brought your favorite pendulum and your dowsing rods to the workshop

Intuition is very important when working with your pendulum

Listen to your inner voice, follow your feelings, learn to listen to the messages your pendulum is sending you

  • Paid Event $45.00 per person
  • Minimum 4 required to hold the event

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Bookings are closed for this event.

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