Ribbons Rising: Reading Ribbons,The Workshop


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Reading Ribbons: The Workshop

Sunday, 1/21/2024 11a-2:00p EST Via Zoom

I am so excited to revisit the age-old art of working with the psychic phenomenon of interpreting ribbons

  • Interested in learning to read ribbons? Yes, ribbons! I am very excited to teach this workshop on this time-honored tradition.
  • Ribbon Reading is an age-old art utilizing your intuitive and psychic skills thought to have originated within the Celtic community, as well as an integral part of the Romany Gypsy community as a way of connecting with people as they traveled from place to place.
  • Each ribbon is free flowing, and allows your intuition to release thoughts & images coming into your mind as inner knowing, inspirations, or memories connecting us to our soul self.
  • The ribbon’s vibration, after energized, held within the vibration, the ribbon will divulge lots of information,
    inspiring the conscious mind with inspiration and energy of spirit.
  • Workshop is an enjoyable class filled with utilization, discussion, interactive exercise and a Powerpoint Presentation.
  • Workshop is via Zoom, on 1/21/23, 11:00a – 2:00p EST
  • Paid Event $48.00 per person (Total will include mandatory Paypal fee)
  • Maximum 8 participants
  • Registration Closes on 1/18/23, 8a EST
  • Important – You will need a collection of ribbon strips, varied in color choice, and cut into working lengths. You could start with a varied number of ribbon colors of your choice. and either knot them to bind them together, or attach them to a ribbon hoop to facilitate an easy way of working with them
  • Zoom link sent upon receipt of paid registration. Please be certain to include your email.
  • Questions? Please reach out with a DM or email luminscorpiorose@aol.com
  • No Refunds in whole or in part once workshop is in progress or unless requested within a time period of 7 days prior to start of workshop.
  • Please speak with me directly in the case of an unexpected, unforeseen or extraordinary event taking place that may preclude you from attending.

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Bookings are closed for this event.

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