October 24, 2018

“Sheila Clark is among the great healers of the world!  Sheila makes a reading completely comprehensible and constantly inquires about the pace of the information, because nine times out of 10 she has a very large amount of information to provide you in a reading. I thoroughly enjoy having a reading with Sheila more than anyone else I have ever had a reading with. I am constantly reminded through spirit to take my time in life and not rush through. Easier said than done. But I take the information provided to me by Sheila and try to use it on a daily basis. She has provided me with guidance, love, clarity and most of all, a better understanding of myself. My level of appreciation for someone as talented as Sheila goes way beyond a Thank You. Sheila has guided me in the right direction as often as I wanted to take the wrong path. I am grateful for you, my friend, and will continue to call you on a regular basis. My deepest love, Crystal Hamel” ~ October 2018

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