Connections are so Filled with Love and True Compassion
November 11, 2018

“I have had the pleasure of Sheila reading for me and all I can say is it was wonderful. She was able to bring through my grandmother and describe her in great detail. The thing I like about Sheila the most is that all of her connections are so filled with love and true compassion. She does this work from a heart centered place and any sitting you have with her will leave you so much more connected to your loved ones and just astonished at how close they really are. I highly recommend a reading with Sheila as her true artistry and skill is only surpassed by her love and compassion of Spirit” ~ Mari Cartagenova ~ November 2018


Insightful and compassionate

“Insightful and compassionate: Sheila merges her extraordinary intuition & clairsentient empathy with an extensive background of metaphysical knowledge to provide thorough and accurate psychic readings. Sheila communicates messages from the Spirit world with sensitivity, kindness and integrity. Whether Tarot, Astrology or Mediumship, we found readings from Sheila to be rewarding and truly helpful and healing”

~ Shaun W. & Stacie B.

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